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Combination Therapies Focus Day

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Understanding of the immune system's role and its impact in the treatment of cancer is continuously growing. Therefore collaborations are important in advancing the investigation of novel immuno-oncology combinations in different cancers, and to achieving the long-term goal of bringing meaningful benefits to patients facing cancer.
Attend this session to:
• Gain insight into the most promising future combination strategies for immune checkpoint modulation
• Develop and in-depth understanding of the key principals governing logical immune-oncology combination strategies
• Examine the multiple variables that contribute to a successful combination strategy - including dosing and treatment timing
• Capitalise on new knowledge to improve your combination trial design
A chance to exchange ideas with other participants at different levels of experience to you. This session will facilitate networking between all attendees to enable you to forge new contacts and get a fresh perspective. Collect as many business cards from different contacts as you possibly can – whoever has the most cards at the end wins a prize!

11:00 AM Synergy Between Modalities: Combining Immune Checkpoint Modulation With Chemotherapy

Justin Stebbing , Professor of Cancer Medicine and Medical Oncology, Imperial College

Although cancer chemotherapy has historically been considered immune suppressive, it is now accepted that certain chemotherapies can augment tumor immunity. The recent success of immune checkpoint inhibitors has renewed interest in immunotherapies, and in combining them with chemotherapy to achieve additive or synergistic clinical activity.
Attend this session to:
•    Discover Imperial College’s recent successes of combining immune checkpoint inhibitors with chemotherapy

 Justin Stebbing
Justin Stebbing
Professor of Cancer Medicine and Medical Oncology
Imperial College
Combining T cell activating therapies with other immune modulating strategies targeting the tumour microenvironment hold a lot of promise for cancer therapy.

Attend this session to:
• Capitalise on data that proves the benefits of combining antigen directed T cell activation with cyclophosphamide in tumors
• Discover why the further addition of a checkpoint inhibitor causes additional changes in the tumor microenvironment leading
to enhanced anti-tumor activity
• Disscuss the rationale for combining immunotherapies to manage advanced disease
•    What does the future hold for immune checkpoint therapy? Is combination therapy the way forward, and if so which combinations will prove the most significant? This expert led case study will allow those at the forefront of immune checkpoint modulation development to share their thoughts, and debate the future of this game changing therapy  

•    Hear as yet unpublished data on next generation sequencing
•    Explore the current success and future possibilities of proteomic profiling of endothelial cells in human cancer tissues

 Simon Dovedi
Simon Dovedi
Team Leader

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