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Day 1

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9:05 AM Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Cris Kamperschroer , Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

The chair will set the mission statement for the two days ahead, introduce the key themes and highlight the outline of the day. Take this opportunity to get to know your peers and discuss your priorities for the next two days.
Cris Kamperschroer
Senior Principal Scientist

9:15 AM CASE STUDY: The Life-Cycle of an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

John Castle , Senior Director of Bioinformatics, 4-Antibody

4-Antibody currently has preclinical checkpoint antibody
programs targeting GITR, OX40, CTLA-4, PD-1, TIM-3, and LAG-3.
They are expecting to identify development programs to be in
a position to file investigational new drug applications in
2015/2016. This exclusive talk will:
• Provide an end-to-end description of an immune checkpoint
• Illuminate the processes of target and antibody discovery
• Clarify antibody validation and good manufacturing processes
• Highlight important factors of consideration in clinical trial design
 John Castle
John Castle
Senior Director of Bioinformatics
• Assess APX005M as a stimulate for both adoptive and innate
immune responses against cancer
• Evaluation of APX005M in a Phase 1, open-label
dose-escalation study in adults with solid tumors
• Establish the MTD, pharmacokinetic profile and overall safety,
assess activation of the immune system & preliminary clinical
response to APX005M
 Xiaodong Yang
Xiaodong Yang

11:00 PM Preclinical Development of PF-06840003: A Novel IDO1 Inhibitor

Christophe Quéva , CSO, iTeos Therapeutics

Hear about this novel IDO 1 inhibitor with promising in vivo efficacy and predicted human pharmacokinetic properties
 Christophe Quéva
Christophe Quéva
iTeos Therapeutics
Get to know your peers in this interactive networking session
specifically designed to fast-track your conference networking.
Pick up your number and find your peers the fastest so you can
be the first to BINGO!
This session will help you learn what your fellow delegates are
doing in their work, and accelerate potential partnerships
• Learn facts about your fellow delegates and the work they
are doing
• Discover what you have in common with them and If you work
goals match
• Ascertain if you share experiences, and if they have advice
that can help you and you work
• Reviewing the development of this revolutionary new
• Assessing the monoclonal and combination potential of
immune checkpoint inhibitors
• Overview of the developmental stages of immune checkpoint
inhibitors, from preclinical, to development, to approval
• Identifying the critical issues facing the development of cancer
immunotherapies and how we can overcome these issues
• Highlighting the importance of collaboration between
industry, academia, regulators, and advocacy groups to
advance cancer immunotherapies
 Roy Baynes
Roy Baynes
Senior VP, Global Clinical Development
Merck, Sharp & Dohme

2:40 PM Understanding the Role of Oncogenic Ras Signalling in Cancer Development

Esther Castellano-Sanchez , Cancer and Inflammation Early Career Researcher, Barts Cancer Institute

•    Address the interplay between tumour cells and the microenvironment in lung and pancreatic cancer
•    Discover the role of oncogenic Ras in the establishment and function of different stromal components
•    Learn about the role of Ras signalling in tumour-stroma co-evolution
•    Understand how different tumour drivers modulate stroma composition and function
 Esther Castellano-Sanchez
Esther Castellano-Sanchez
Cancer and Inflammation Early Career Researcher
Barts Cancer Institute
•         How to rapidly induce strong polyclonal clinically relevant anti-tumor responses
•         Understand why successful active immunization is better than current (blockbuster) monoclonal antibody therapy
•         Antigen specific checkpoint control; turning the switch on and off at will
•         Learn about a human specific vaccine technology platform

Dr Geert Mudde
Dr Geert Mudde
Founder and CSO
The complexity of the interaction between the immune system
and the tumor cells means that the role of the microenvironment
is challenging the validation of the ‘one single biomarker of
response’ to immune checkpoint inhibitors.
This presentation will enable you to:
• Evaluate preliminary results of Melanomas and hear what
conclusions can be drawn from these
• Discover how to measure the staining of PD-L1 just in tumor
epithelial cells
• Explore the idea of including tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
in clinical trials

5:10 PM Chairman's Summary of Day 1

Cris Kamperschroer , Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

 Cris Kamperschroer
Cris Kamperschroer
Senior Principal Scientist

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