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 Michael Gresser
Michael Gresser CSO ImmunGene

Main Conference Day 2

11:50 AM CASE STUDY: Focused Interferon Therapies (FITs) For Cancer- Translating from Human to Human

ImmunGene's interferon-Antibody fusion proteins focus the interferon warhead on tumor cells and on immune cells in the tumor microenvironment, while causing much less systemic activation of the interferon receptor, resulting in drugs much better tolerated and more effective than the unfused interferons currently in use
In this session, discover:
• All the exciting details of the product development
• Why medical oncologists have long believed that considerably better outcomes could be achieved if patients could tolerate higher doses of interferon
• How ImmunGene have overcome this challenge and have been able to introduce into patients higher levels of fused interferon compared with non fused interferon before causing dose-limiting adverse effects

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